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The erie doctrine and state conflict of laws rules digital. Upon certiorari being granted, the parties focused their. Erie doctrine does not apply if a federal rule that addresses the issue at hand exists. Heres a coggle flowchart for the erie doctrine and related issues such as rea analysis. Civil procedure erie analysis outline free case briefs. Erie doctrine revisited notre dame law school university of. The erie doctrine determines if federal or state law is applied when a diversity case is heard in federal court. This article is brought to you for free and open access by the school of law at. An issue that clearly addresses legal rights is substantive and is to be resolved according to state law. The erie doctrine upon which the federal courts were free to exercise their independent judgment. Erie doctrine, federal courts sitting in diversity apply state substantive law and federal. Table of contents equitable remedies injunctions contract damages tort damages restitution declaratory judgments. Modern erie doctrine generally invokes the following tests depending on the circumstances of individual cases.

This article presents a straightforward argument that the erie doctrine. Acts when a diversity case involves an issue of free exercise. Civil procedure outline erie doctrine abridged erie in diversity cases in federal court, the court must apply federal procedural law but state substantive law, including statecreated common lawmostly. The erie doctrine is a fundamental legal doctrine of civil procedure in the united states which. When the legal question is based on a procedural issue, the federal courts should apply. B conflicts with the state law or policy which does not violate the rea see rea below. The following is a complete flowchart for erie problems. You can also click here to see the coggle at coggle. In such cases, the federal procedural rule controls. The doctrine states that the federal courts, when confronted with the issue of whether to apply federal or state law in a lawsuit, must apply state law on issues of substantive law. Free self help legal information for missouri residents search. When the issue is not sufficiently resolved by the substanceversusprocedure and modified outcomedetermination tests, the policies underlying both the federal law and state law are examined. Erie doctrine and choice of law history of the erie.

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