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Pentatonic licks advanced lesson guitar masterclass. Minor pentatonic scale licks in all positions youtube. Jerry bergonzi pentatonics pdf here are the files you need. Bergonzi optionally, a screensaver can be activated which. Combining the major scale with the minor pentatonic. High graphic resolution enables printing of best quality large format printouts.

But work this one string approach into practicing your pentatonic scales. Easy soloing guitar coach notes open position position 1 the scale the eminor pentatonic scale in the open position position 1. You create a minor pentatonic scale by applying a 1b345b7 formula to its parallel major scale. Look at the illustration above and notice that some of the notes have been outlined. Five pentatonic licks in pattern 3 for electric guitar solos in the styles blues, rock and pop with music notes, tab tablature and sound. Another scale you might use to improvise with along with this carlos santana guitar lick is the d minor pentatonic scale. The first position of the pentatonic minor scale that well learn, will be the a minor pentatonic scale at the root note fret. Using minor and major pentatonic together effectively minor and major pentatonic work great together in major keys and can say a lot more than if you were to just use one scale. Another great way to integrate the a minor pentatonic scale into your playing is to learn some minor pentatonic licks. I played my deluxe stratocaster through the new fender gdec 3 amp.

These licks are largely minor pentatonic driven to help give you some bluegrass attitude. Im playing this pattern on a bb tenor saxophone so it will sync well on trumpet. This licks should be used as starting points for you to come up with. The minor pentatonic scale split in to five positions. Combining the pentatonic scale 3 licks with tab pdf youtube. In this video i have five licks using the g minor pentatonic scale in the five positions. You, as the the lead guitarist, may want to keep that minor sound going on by playing the a minor pentatonic scale. This is my first lesson, im going to go in depth of how amazing the pentatonic minor and blues scale can be. How to combine the major and minor pentatonic scales. Guitar lovers licksriffs is a digital book with sound in pdf format for printing purposes. That way, you can build a solid skeleton for your guitar solo.

A lick is a small musical phrase which you can use to help you improvise. Finally, in the freddie king example, the minor pentatonic licks fall over the v to iv of the turnaround, followed by major pentatonic licks over the i chord in measures 11 and 12. Section 1 contains basic guitar licks from the a minor pentatonic. The minor pentatonic scale in action ok, now we know how to play the minor pentatonic and the blues scale, lets talk about how we can put them into action. All licks in this lesson will use the e minor pentatonic scale. Here is a sound sample over a c minor 7 vamp played on tenor. Pentatonic scales are a key feature of the mccoy tyner style. All except that note on the 8th fret of the 1st string.

Posted on march 19, 2008 by md some people think the pentatonic scale is more of a beginner scale. In the fourth bar the phrase is repeated up a half tone. The minor pentatonic as we previously established, the pentatonic scales pull 5 notes from the 7 note major minor scales. If youre stuck in a rut or just want some fresh blues guitar material to learn, this simple app treats you to 25 of the very best minor pentatonic licks, all over the fretboard. But the important difference is the location of the root, which is of course different for major and minor pentatonic scales. Pretty soon youll find yourself moving seamlessly and creating licks and lead melody lines. Just use the major scale and the minor pentatonic scale for the relative minor in that key. This first lick is a good technical exercise to get the root position of the minor pentatonic. Example 1 easy guitar licks a minor pentatonic lick.

This lesson will help you build licks that move smoothly between the two scales, in a blues context but you can use what you learn in any style. Remember, the more you practice and the more theory you know, the better youll sound and the better able youll be to play. We arent always inspired to come up with new and fresh ideas, so guitar licks are like an emergency reservoir for your soloing jam sessions. At any point in your improvisation, you can always try jumping back and forth between the major and the minor pentatonic blues scales. Minor pentatonic scale guitar lesson with backing tracks. In this lick we move from the open a string all the way up to the seventeenth fret of the high e string by using a combination of position shifts and slides. Bergonzi optionally, a screensaver can be activated which shows all the saved images in a. Learning guitar licks in the minor pentatonic scale. Now lets combine the notes of the minor pentatonic and major pentatonic scale and create some soloing ideas. Mix major and minor pentatonics like bb king tb004.

The lick we cover in this lesson mimics some of bbs prowess in blending both the a major pentatonic and a minor penta tonic sc ales. In these 3 licks i hope it will change how you view the pentatonic scale and most of all give you ideas of your own. So if you play a minor pentatonic pattern in some key, and you want to use that same pattern in the major pentatonic scale with the same root, then you need to shift that pattern down by three frets. Muris that sliding lick is incredible ive been adapting it on other pentatonic keys and positions. Combining the pentatonic scale 3 licks with tab pdf. Because he plays what he feels, and does not think. The e minor pentatonic scale the e minor blues scale. Yeah,you can adapt it into every key and scale,rock on. This scale uses only five tones, hence the name pent atonic. Beyond learning these three particular licks, we can also apply this idea in a more general way. Before getting into the lick, i think its important to understand why you should want to learn this skill.

The first three bars are a pure c minor pentatonic scale played in a pattern. The second rock guitar licks example is also in a minor pentatonic. If you wanted to play this as an e major lick, you would need to shift the whole thing down 3 frets so the last note would be an e on the 2nd string 5th fret. This article serves as a reference for navigating minor pentatonic scales all over the guitar fretboard. Here are some licks that have made slash a guitar hero.

For example, apply the formula to an a major scale and youll get an a minor pentatonic scale, which is acdeg. In these 3 licks i hope it will change how you view the pentatonic scale and most of all give you ideas. Intro to the minor pentatonic scale, the caged system, scale degrees vs. A different approach to the minor pentatonic scale blues. Combining minor and major pentatonic scales guitarhabits. Both the pentatonic and the blues scales are particularly suitable for playing rock and 12 bar blues with. Pentatonic licks 15 pattern 3 for electric guitar solos. This santana lick actually starts out with an fmaj7 arpeggio, which is a chord that can be build from the d minor scale. Guitar lovers licksriffs pdf with integrated sound and. The 5 minor pentatonic positions deft digits guitar lessons. Pentatonic scale, a minor pentatonic scale root note fret. Photo by igor giamoniano when i was a kid i used to transcribe solos of stevie ray vaughan, guns n roses, led zeppelin, metallica, etc. Notice how the minor pentatonic formula contains all the notes for a minor 7 chord 1b35b7. And all those famous blues, rock, metal guitar players had one thing in common.

The minor pentatonic scale on guitar this lesson well be looking at the minor pentatonic scale on guitar probably the most used scale in rock music, definitely the most used scale in blues although there is an extended blues scale which well look at another time. Clicking on the graphics will start playback of the integrated. Minor pentatonic and harmonic minor scales guitar lesson. To grab your copy of this great app, simply click on the image above. Mccoy tyner mccoy tynerstyle pentatonics for piano riff. The e minor pentatonic scale blues guitar unleashed. Pentatonica guitar licks en pdf pentatonica guitar licks en pdf pentatonica guitar licks en pdf.

Nick kellie discusses how santana uses the minor pentatonic and harmonic minor scales over progressions in minor keys. How to play classic licks using the a minor pentatonic. Play classic licks using the a minor pentatonic scale by robin mansur. Language sitemap guitars licks pentatonic blues 15. There are five licks for each of the five pentatonic shapes 25 in total. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading 25 minor pentatonic licks for blues guitar. Youll find 50 allpurpose pentatonic licks to be generous. A quick shot of creativity for the blues guitarist. We are going to use shape number 1 and 2 of the a minor pentatonic scale. This jazz lick is great practice for slipping out of and back into any minor key you are soloing in. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. This is a basic super hip minor pentatonic side slipping lick where i move by tritone every bar. The final taping section is fantasticgreat job muris varajic 7th february 2009.

The two licks below use notes of both minor and major pentatonic scales. Combining the major pentatonic and minor pentatonic together. Finger choices are very important in this example, i slide with my second finger. It contains pentatonic and modal licks as well as famous riffs by other musicians. Would the chuck berry riff have been invented without box one. Within the songs key, the lead guitar player is free to improvise, although most of the notes he or she plays will correspond to the pattern chart in figure 3. A snappy little penatatonic lick to add to your collection. Do you like classic rock and blues, but you think that the pentatonic scale is quite limiting for selfexpression. Using minor and major pentatonic together effectively. Combining the major scale with the minor pentatonic turning scales into solos part 4 david hodge guitar lessons 12 bar blues, guitar columns by david hodge, how to play guitar solos, scales and modes for guitar, turning scales into solos. Click this link for instant access to the 17 page pdf filled with scales. One of the ways to connect two pentatonic shapes is by sliding between them.

This lick comes mostly out of a g major pentatonic scale in the 7th position. Repeating phrases up or down a half tone is a very common thing in modal jazz. In this installment, youll learn how to play classic rock licks using the a minor pentatonic scale on electric guitar. Lesson 8 the e minor blues scales dvd 3 in this lesson. The minor pentatonic scale for guitar jazz guitar online. As well as practicing scale patterns, you should also learn common licks and phrases that you can apply to your jazz guitar solos. Get tabs and backing tracks for all my lessons here. I like to connect all of these short guitar licks into long phrases. Also, just like in the first lick, we are using bends and pulloffs in this lick. We can categorise certain licks in to certain positions. In this lesson youll learn the one scale that is responsible for about 95% of all the blues licks you hear the minor pentatonic and minor blues scale.

But dont make them the only way to practice, the boxes help you squeeze some good licks out of key positions on the neck. Mix major and minor pentatonic scales like bb king tb004. Basic pentatonic lick that moves by tritone and is great. This lesson features 6 essential tony rice licks that every bluegrass guitar player should begin to learn. While youre at it, give a little one string improvising a try too. In the case of minor pentatonic, we take our full minor scale and remove the 2nd and 6th notes. You could play these licks over a iivv blues progression where a7 is the i chord, d7 iv chord and e7 v chord. That lesson includes a pdf download which includes beginner level guitar licks. If youre looking for that bluegrass guitar sound and want to add a little attitude to your playing, this is a good place to start. The a minor pentatonic scale, root note fret, starts at the 5th fret of the low e string. James is not only one of todays top go to guitarists, hes also a passionate educator with an insatiable appetite for researching musical styles, studying the fretboard masters within those styles, and then generously sharing that knowledge with other students of guitar. A four note a minor pentatonic guitar lick guitar couch.

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